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Monmouth County Air Conditioner Repair is Part of Spring Cleaning

Posted on: February 28th, 2023 by admin

Now is the time of year that those in Monmouth County NJ get to start thinking about warmer weather. Spring is just around the corner which means summer isn’t far behind. Now is the perfect time to put together a spring cleaning checklist for your home. Creating a list helps to keep you organized and helps you complete more tasks. There is nothing quite like that feeling of crossing something off your cleaning list. Among the dozens of items that will be included on that list, don’t forget to add air conditioner maintenance. Monmouth County air conditioner repair is important to do in the spring before you need to turn on your a/c.

Windows and Screens are on Everyone’s List


Close-up of gold window clasp and window screen that should be cleaned along with Monmouth County air conditioner repair as part of spring cleaning

Cleaning windows and screens is something that almost everyone includes on their spring cleaning checklist. One reason for this is as we receive more and more sunlight, smudges on the windows are more visible. In addition to that, washing any screens helps to reduce any allergens from getting inside. Plus, when you are cleaning your screens, look for and repair any holes in your screens to help prevent insects from getting in. Don’t suffer from the deluge of pollen by opening your windows for the first time this spring without cleaning your screens first. Before you crack those windows for the first time in spring, give all your screens and windows a thorough cleaning.

Don’t Forget the Exterior During Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning doesn’t only refer to the inside of your home. Springtime is the perfect time to do garden and walkway edging. Clean up all the borders on your property with a manual or electric edger. While you are walking around your property outside, give your home good visual examination. For example, check to make sure there aren’t any broken or missing shingles on the roof, see if any surface needs a paint touch-up or a power washing, and ensure your gutters are still safely attached to the home. Cleaning out the gutters is another important step of home maintenance that even if you have gutter guards should be done every few months.

Stop Pests Before They Start

The best way to control pests is to stop them before they start. Whether you are talking about termites, ants, mosquitoes, or yard pests like broadleaf weeds, spring is the perfect time to start pest control. Number one is to seal up openings around windows and doors. Next, trim any branches or shrubs that sit too close to your home and remove piles of debris from your yard.  Now is also the perfect time to get in touch with an exterminator to schedule any applications of pest control that are suitable for your home. Many companies offer barrier applications that create a liquid fence around your home.

Early spring is also the ideal time to begin treating your yard. If you don’t already, consider using non-toxic products for pest and weed control. There are many more options available that work better than the chemical alternatives and don’t do damage to your soil or the environment.

Call us For Your Monmouth County Air Conditioner Repair

Technician performing Monmouth County air conditioner repair

Spring is the ideal time of year to perform air conditioner maintenance and repair. Number one is checking on the air filter. Even though this is included on a spring cleaning checklist, it should actually be done every few months. While this is an important step, it is far from everything that needs to be done. Most of the rest of the maintenance of an air conditioning system requires the help of a professional. Only with the appropriate tools and equipment can an HVAC system and its components be fully inspected and repaired.

If you’re ready to cross off the first thing on your spring cleaning checklist, contact us today to schedule your Monmouth County air conditioner repair.

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