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How to Cope with a Cold Office or Workplace

Posted on: February 28th, 2019 by admin

Having served the Ocean and Monmouth county region since 1970, we’ve been in countless offices and workplaces helping keep the heat or air conditioning in running order. Keeping you comfortable is what we do best.

That also means we’ve seen the inevitable debates that arise when employees just can’t get on the same page when it comes to the most comfortable temperature for the workplace, or even worse, the miserable days that occur when the boss is so cheap he keeps it far too cold in the winter and far too hot in the summer.

You can’t control the owner’s wallet, you can’t make the office furnace work more efficiently, and you may not even be able to control the thermostat, but there are a few things you can do to keep warm during those chilly winter days in Toms River. Here are a few ideas to get you through the final cold days of winter:

Space Heaters

It’s best that you get permission before taking this approach, since space heaters can be energy hogs, and from a safety standpoint they are not suitable for certain environments. If you get the okay from your manager, however, these can be a lifesaver.

Look for smaller, personal space heaters. They are affordable and can fit snugly under a desk, just be wary of fire hazards! They are also ideal stopgap measures during times when there is furnace repair or furnace maintenance being done in the office.

USB Vests & Finger Gloves

Technology is amazing. We’ve been in the heating and cooling business for going on 50 years now, and we never cease to be impressed by the advances made in our industry. In this case, however, it’s a combination of the tech and clothing industries that are making the advancement.

These days, you can find affordable gloves, vests, and other garments that are warmed with just a little bit of power. You plug a small USB battery into them, small enough to slip into a pocket, and the whole garment warms up, keep you nice and toasty even on cold days. These are a great way to keep warm at a cold workplace. It’s like having a furnace in your pocket!

Heating Pads

An old standby at this point, the often overlooked heating pad gets the job done and even has the advantage of turning itself off after a while if you forget to do it yourself. They are not as cozy as USB clothing – it can be awkward sitting on one or having it draped over your shoulders – but a little warmth is better than a chilly office.

Extra Clothing

This one is so obvious we hesitated to list it, but it has to be included. When push comes to shove, often the simplest way to address a cold office is to put on some more clothes. Keep a hoodie or sweater or shawl at your desk, and wear it when needed.

It’s a simple method, yes, but it’s the old standby because it works. Even in a cold office, this can keep you going.

Call In The Experts

This is where we come in. Sometimes those cold spots in your office are not a result of a stingy boss or people manipulating the thermostat. Sometimes there is an issue with the workplace’s heating system or ductwork. Often, these issues are relatively easy and affordable to address. Someone just needs to take the first step and make a call!

No one enjoys working in a cold office, especially when you’re used to the warmth of the Jersey Shore region, but try a few of the ideas above and you may find some relief.

Either that, or talk to the boss about turning up the thermostat!