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More Information on the Whole Home Air Purifiers

Posted on: January 31st, 2023 by admin

When it comes to purifying the air in your home, nothing compares to a whole home air purifier. Rather than running multiple mobile units or simply relying on the air filter in your furnace (that’s your reminder to check your air filter if you haven’t in the last three months!), whole home air purifiers treat an entire building with one centrally located unit.

Results of Having a Whole Home Air Purifier in Toms River

You are probably reading this thinking “There isn’t anything wrong with the air in my house. Why would someone bother to have a whole home air purifier installed?” There are actually many reasons. Sometimes the result is less noticeable, but in other cases, the change can be dramatic.

Cute but stinky dogs require a whole home air purifier

Reduced odors is one notable benefit of a whole home air purifier. Have you ever noticed that people’s homes smell differently? We all live in an acceptable level of scent that becomes the scent of our home. This is not always necessarily a bad thing. However, for those that have multiple pets or have residents who smoke indoors, reducing odors is a great benefit. Some occupations also come with uniforms that end up smelling pretty strongly. Mechanics, for example, often come home smelling of oil and lubricants. Home air purifiers can help reduce these odors.

Decreased allergens is another great effect of having a whole home air purifier installed in Toms River. Just as owning many pets can influence the odors in your home no matter how clean you keep your pets, they also are heavy allergen dispensers. Dog and cat dander are some of the most common allergens in households. Dust, pollen, VOCs, and mold spores are all other irritants that can be removed from your indoor air with an air purifier.

Whole home air purifiers can stop the spread of viruses. Many viruses and bacteria particles are too small to be stopped by a common air filter. There are even reports of some types that can even pass through HEPA filters. The REME HALO, for example, uses active cleaning technology. That means it targets pollutants and removes them from the air rather than waiting for them to pass through a filter.

We Install Whole Home Air Purifier REME HALO

The installation is pretty simple. The REME HALO gets installed right into the ducts of the home. This usually does not require any major renovations or modifications. In addition to that, it easily treats all areas of your home with one system. To make it even better, the system doesn’t require a filter. No monthly maintenance. In fact, the only maintenance required is to change the cell every couple of years. This task can be done by a homeowner or the installer of the whole home air purifier. The last benefit we think you’ll be happy to hear is that the REME HALO is silent. Even though it runs all the time, the only thing you’ll notice is your cleaner air.

The REME HALO doesn’t only clean the air. It also disinfects surfaces. As it functions, this home air purifier produces and releases hydrogen peroxide. This byproduct is effective at eliminating microorganisms like yeast, bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Uses of hydrogen peroxide as a sanitizer include contact lens cleaning solutions and disinfecting patient linens.

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