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HVAC Repair in Spring Lake & Other Coastal Towns

Posted on: July 31st, 2023 by admin

While the general principles of HVAC system care apply to most locations, specific care considerations may vary slightly depending on the climate and environmental conditions of the area. Being located in a coastal region means there are a few additional factors to consider for HVAC maintenance. This month, we’ll discuss some top tips to avoid emergency HVAC repair in Spring Lake and towns like it that are located near large bodies of salt water.

Coastal Towns Need to Consider Their Environment

Spring Lake, being near the coast, can experience higher humidity levels making humidity control essential for all home appliances. Ensure that your HVAC system is equipped to handle humidity control effectively. Ask an experienced Spring Lake HVAC repair company like Toms River Heating and Air Conditioning if using a dehumidifier is appropriate for your home. Dehumidifiers can help to maintain indoor comfort and prevent excess moisture that can lead to mold and mildew growth. This humidity can also lead to accelerated corrosion. The salty air near the coast can lead to corrosion of all HVAC components, but particularly for outdoor units. Regularly inspect and clean the condenser coils, fins, and other components to prevent damage caused by salt exposure. Lastly, many coastal towns are susceptible to hurricanes and other extreme storms. Before hurricane season, secure your HVAC system, cover the outdoor unit, and be prepared for potential power outages.

Routine Maintenance Goes a Long Way to Prevent Emergency HVAC Repair in Spring Lake

Routine maintenance plays a crucial role in preventing HVAC emergencies by addressing potential issues before they escalate into major problems. During a routine maintenance call, a qualified HVAC technician will thoroughly inspect and test the various components of your HVAC system. This process allows them to identify any signs of wear, damage, or malfunctions. Once inspected, cleaning the units is next. Regular cleaning and servicing of critical components such as filters, coils, condensers, and burners allows components to work more efficiently. This improves the system’s performance and reduces the strain on the equipment, which can help prevent unexpected failures. Considering the coastal climate’s unique challenges, scheduling regular HVAC inspections by a professional technician is even more critical. They can spot potential issues early on and provide maintenance specific to the coastal environment.

Other Considerations for HVAC Maintenance

Knowing that your HVAC system is regularly maintained and in good working condition provides peace of mind. You can rely on it to function correctly when you need it the most, especially during extreme weather conditions. Consider these other HVAC maintenance tips to ensure undisrupted HVAC service.

  • It’s crucial to stay on top of air filter replacements. With higher pollen levels and potential allergens in the coastal environment, air filters need to work harder than in other areas. Check and change air filters more frequently during the spring and summer months to maintain good indoor air quality.
  • Ensure that your outdoor unit (condenser) is clear of any debris, vegetation, or obstacles that might restrict airflow. This is especially important in coastal areas like Spring Lake and Toms River to prevent debris buildup caused by winds.
  • Utilizing a programmable thermostat allows you to adjust your HVAC system’s settings based on varying weather conditions, helping to optimize energy usage and comfort. Contact us regarding smart thermostat installation in Toms River and surrounding areas. 

Overall, routine maintenance helps identify and address potential issues proactively, significantly reducing the likelihood of unexpected HVAC emergencies and providing you with a more comfortable and reliable indoor environment. To ensure the best care for your HVAC system in Spring Lake, NJ, consider consulting with a local HVAC company that has experience with the specific challenges of your area’s climate. We can provide tailored maintenance and recommendations to keep your HVAC system running efficiently and reliably throughout the year.Aerial view of Spring Lake for this article that discusses how to avoid HVAC repair in Spring Lake and other coastal towns

HVAC Maintenance in Ocean County Saves You Money

Posted on: June 30th, 2023 by admin

Regular HVAC maintenance in Ocean County is crucial for homeowners. HVAC systems in beachfront areas may experience more wear and tear compared to those in other locations. The coastal environment presents unique challenges that can impact the performance and lifespan of HVAC systems. Routine care ensures the longevity and efficiency of a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. Beyond the immediate benefits of a comfortable living environment, professional HVAC maintenance plays a significant role in saving homeowners money in the long run. In this article, we will explore the importance of HVAC maintenance and its direct impact on cost savings for residents of Ocean County.

HVAC Maintenance in Ocean County Equals Enhanced Energy Efficiency

One of the primary ways HVAC maintenance helps homeowners save money is by optimizing energy efficiency. Over time, HVAC systems accumulate dirt, dust, and debris, hindering their performance. When filters, coils, and other components become dirty or clogged, the system has to work harder to maintain the desired temperature. This increased workload translates into higher energy consumption and subsequently inflated utility bills.

By scheduling regular HVAC maintenance, homeowners in Ocean County can ensure that their systems operate at peak efficiency. Our skilled technicians will clean and inspect the system, replacing or repairing any faulty components. Clean filters, lubricated motors, and calibrated thermostats all contribute to reduced energy consumption, resulting in significant cost savings over time.

Routine Care Prevents Costly Breakdowns

Another crucial aspect of HVAC maintenance in Ocean County is the early detection and prevention of potential system failures. During routine inspections, out expertly trained technicians can identify and address minor issues before they escalate into major problems. This proactive approach not only saves homeowners from the inconvenience of sudden breakdowns but also prevents them from incurring expensive repair costs.

By identifying worn-out components, leaks, or electrical malfunctions in advance, HVAC professionals perform timely repairs, preserving the longevity of the system. Regular maintenance allows homeowners in Ocean County to avoid emergency repair calls, which often come with premium prices and added inconvenience.

Prolonged System Lifespan is a Big Cost Saver

Investing in HVAC systems is a significant expense for homeowners. You should naturally want your system to last as long as possible. Routine maintenance significantly extends the lifespan of HVAC units. By keeping the system in optimal condition, homeowners can avoid premature replacements and the associated high costs.

During maintenance visits, technicians perform tasks such as cleaning coils, checking refrigerant levels, and inspecting electrical connections. These preventive measures reduce wear and tear, helping HVAC systems operate smoothly and efficiently for a longer period. By maximizing the lifespan of their HVAC units, homeowners can delay expensive replacements, thereby saving substantial amounts of money.

Improved Indoor Air Quality is a Positive Side Effect

By ensuring clean air circulation, HVAC maintenance in Ocean County promotes a healthier living environment. This can result in fewer instances of respiratory problems, allergies, and other health concerns. Reduce medical expenses and enhance your overall well-being with proper HVAC maintenance.HVAC in glowing text surrounded by HVAC maintenance in Ocean County icons imposed on a photo of HVAC technician

Proper HVAC maintenance not only affects financial savings but also contributes to better indoor air quality. Dust, allergens, and contaminants can accumulate within the HVAC system, leading to compromised air quality and potential health issues for the occupants. Regular maintenance includes thorough cleaning and inspection of filters, ductwork, and other components, removing these harmful substances.

Routine HVAC Maintenance in Ocean County Benefits Homeowners

Homeowners in Ocean County can benefit immensely from prioritizing regular HVAC maintenance. Beyond the comfort it provides, proper maintenance leads to long-term cost savings. Enhanced energy efficiency, prevention of costly breakdowns, prolonged system lifespan, and improved indoor air quality are some of the notable advantages. By partnering with our professional HVAC technicians and scheduling routine HVAC maintenance in Ocean County, homeowners can ensure optimal performance of their systems while maximizing their savings.

Smart Thermostat Installation Maximizes Efficiency

Posted on: May 31st, 2023 by admin

When used correctly, having a smart thermostat installed in Toms River can maximize the efficiency of your heater and air conditioner. A smart thermostat can learn your habits and automatically adjust the temperature based on your preferences and schedule, saving you time and energy in the long run. To maximize efficiency and save energy, there are a few tips to keep in mind after a smart thermostat installation

How to Set a Smart Thermostat to Improve Efficiency

One of the best features of a smart thermostat is the programmable feature. This allows homeowners to increase and decrease the temperature based on the household habits. For maximum efficiency, set the temperature for times when you are home and awake to a comfortable level. Then, set it lower (in the winter) or higher (in the summer) for times when you are away or sleeping. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, homeowners can save up to 10% on their heating and cooling bills by setting their thermostat back 7-10 degrees Fahrenheit for 8 hours a day.

Check Your Thermostat Often

Many smart thermostat issues are based solely on improper settings. For example, there may be a time when you want the program on hold. The trouble comes in if you forget to reset it. Use the hold feature sparingly. This feature will override all program settings so can lead to higher energy usage if the program is not restarted. Also, forgetting to adjust the temperatures of the program based on the season is a common issue. Your programming should change based on the season, as the ideal temperature range will differ. In the winter, for example, set your thermostat to a lower temperature when you are away or sleeping, and in the summer, set it higher. Lastly, people’s routine schedules can change often. Not changing your smart thermostat program to align with those changes defeats the energy saving potential of these devices.

 Contact a Professional for Smart Thermostat Installation in Toms River

The biggest downside to smart thermostats is the installation. There are many things homeowners can do themselves around the home, but installing a smart thermostat on your own is not one of them. 

For one, you might want to consider zoning your home. If you have a large home, multiple levels, or drastically different sun and shade exposure throughout your home, multiple heating and cooling zones may be best for your home. This allows you to program your thermostat for each zone separately to maximize energy efficiency. A one zone system limits how well it can efficiently heat or cool a home. 

Also, smart thermostats often need to integrate with existing HVAC systems, such as furnaces, air conditioners, and heat pumps. Our professionals can assess your current system and ensure that the smart thermostat is compatible and properly integrated. They can also configure the thermostat settings to optimize energy efficiency and performance.

Something else to consider is that smart thermostat installation in Toms River involves working with electrical wiring and HVAC systems. If you’re not familiar with these systems, there is a risk of making mistakes that could lead to damage or improper functionality. Hiring a professional reduces the chances of costly errors and ensures that the installation is done correctly the first time.

Homeowner looking at cell phone to use smart thermostatt app

Lastly, installing a smart thermostat can be time-consuming. Hiring a professional, you save yourself the hassle of researching, troubleshooting, and potentially spending hours on installation. Contact a professional and be able to enjoy the efficiency of your smart thermostat sooner.

Professional installers have the necessary expertise and knowledge to handle smart thermostat installations. In order to maximize the efficiency of a smart thermostat, follow these tips and contact Toms River Heating and Air Conditioning for smart thermostat installation in Toms River.

Smart Thermostats Offer Many Benefits

Posted on: April 30th, 2023 by admin

A thermostat is a unit used by homeowners to control the temperature in the home. The original thermostats were set by turning a dial. Once set, the temperature would remain the same until physically changed by the homeowner. The next important stage of thermostat development was the programmable thermostat. These units could have different temperatures set for different times. The thermostat is then controlled by that schedule.  Where programmable thermostats were the new and exciting technology on the market, nowadays, they are pretty much standard practice. The newest technological advancement in thermostat industry is the smart thermostat. These pieces of equipment offer many benefits to home owners above and beyond the advantages of a programmable thermostat. If you are ready to upgrade your thermostat to a smart thermostat in Toms River, contact us!

Top 5 Benefits of a Smart Thermostat in Toms River

The benefits of smart thermostats go far beyond just being convenient. Here’s some other advantages for homeowners that choose to install a smart thermostat in Toms River.

Increased Energy Efficiency

With programmable and smart thermostats, homeowners can set their HVAC systems to turn on and off at specific times or adjust the temperature based on their schedule. This is in contrast to old school thermostats which turn on and off no matter if you are home or not. The programs set by a homeowner enable the system to remain off if no one is home, but turn off shortly before your return so you can enter a cool or warm home. By setting different temperatures for different times of the day, homeowners can ensure that their homes are always at a comfortable temperature, without having to constantly adjust the thermostat. Smart thermostats can reduce energy usage which can result in lower energy bills.    

Remote Control is a Big Benefit of Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats allow homeowners to control their HVAC systems remotely, using their smartphones or tablets. This means that they can adjust the temperature while they are away from home, ensuring that their homes are at the right temperature when they return. Even programs aren’t perfect. If you commute to work, you know your trip time can vary greatly depending on weather, traffic, and construction. Unexpected events can delay your return home by hours. This is where programs fall short, but with remote control, this is easily handled.

dark background with hand holding a cell phone with smart thermostat settings showing

Smart Thermostats are Smart

Some smart thermostats have learning capabilities that allow them to adapt to homeowners’ schedules and preferences over time. They can also track energy usage and provide recommendations for how homeowners can save energy. They can also talk to other smart devices. Smart thermostats can often be integrated with other smart devices in the home, such as voice assistants, security systems, and smart lighting. This allows homeowners to create a more seamless and integrated home automation system.

Install a Smart Thermostat in Toms River Today

Overall, programmable and smart thermostats offer homeowners increased energy efficiency, improved comfort, and greater control over their HVAC systems. They can also help homeowners save money on their energy bills over time. Even for those households in which someone is home all the time, smart thermostats can make minor adjustments to improve efficiency. Although you might not see the savings as quickly as other households, these changes can also lengthen the lifespan of your HVAC system. If you have more questions about them or are ready to install a smart thermostat in Toms River, give us a call! We’ll help set you up with the perfect one for your home.

Learn More About Tankless Water Heater Installation in Toms River

Posted on: March 31st, 2023 by admin

Tankless water heaters have become more and more popular in the recent years. There are many advantages to this style of water heater that you may also find referred to as demand-type or instantaneous water heaters. Our team is here to help you learn more about these units and decide whether tankless water heater installation in Toms River is right for your home.

Fact #1 Tankless Water Heaters Take Up Less Space

Many homeowners claim an entire closet space when converting to a tankless water heater. Tanks and their hoses and lines can take up a lot of space. Tankless water heaters are installed on the wall freeing up many square-feet of space for storage.

Fact #2 Tankless Water Heaters are Energy Efficient

In comparison to storage water tanks, using a tankless hot water supply can save you money on energy bills. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy reports that tankless water heaters can be anywhere from 8% to 34% more energy efficient than storage tanks based on usage.

Fact #3 A Tankless Water Heater Installation in Toms River can Save you Money

Due to the fac that these systems are more energy efficient, you can expect to see the savings reflected in your energy bills. Although the installation may cost a bit more up-front, the savings will last for the lifetime of the unit.

Fact #4 Tankless Water Heaters Last Longer

The typical lifetime of a storage tank water heater is approximately 10-15 years depending on usage and maintenance. A tankless water heater, however, can provide hot water in your home for up to 20 years.

Fact #5 You Will Never Run Out of Hot Water with a Tankless Water Heater Installation in Toms River

When the storage tank of hot water runs empty, your home is out of hot water. This doesn’t happen when you install a tankless water heater in Toms River. Because the water is heated on-demand, there is no supply so there is no end to the supply.

Fact #6 There are a Few Other Details to Consider

Switching from a storage tank to a tankless water system does take some getting used to. For one, the unit can only supply hot water to so many places at the same time. Because of this, households need to run the dishwasher, do laundry, and shower at separate times. A solution to this is to Also, unless you have a back-up power supply, when the power goes out, there will be no hot water.

Fact #7 Toms River Heating and Air Conditioning is Here to Help with Your Tankless Water Heater in Toms River

Tankless water heater installation in Toms River home

Tankless water heaters are a great option for many homes. No matter where you are on the shore, we’re here to help with your tankless water heater installation and service. If you’ve been considering making the switch, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss the process with you. Check out our Facebook page for some pictures of a recent installation we did.   

Why Winter is a Good Time for Ocean County Air Conditioner Repair

Posted on: December 31st, 2022 by admin

It may seem odd to consider, let alone perform, Ocean County air conditioner repair in the middle of winter. There are a few reasons, however, that make winter a great time of year to take care of your air conditioner. We have more time on our schedule, you have more time to save money for any necessary repairs, and when it comes down to it, letting a professional inspect your air conditioner in winter is better than not having an inspection at all.

Scheduling Air Conditioner Repair Can Be Easier in Winter

Even though we may be busy with emergency furnace repair in Ocean County during winter, if you call now, you can be one of our first appointments at the end of winter or beginning of spring. Not many homeowners think about scheduling their a/c inspection in winter. The earlier you think about taking care of your air conditioner, the sooner you can have your system inspected. Skip the stress of trying to squeeze in your air conditioner repair at the end of spring. Call us now to schedule your air conditioner maintenance.

Winter Inspections Give Time for Air Conditioner Repair

The sooner you get your system inspected, the more time you have to remedy any issues before you actually need to turn your a/c on. One situation you do not want to find yourself in is to discover that there is a major issue with your air conditioner and a heat wave is coming. Giving as much time as possible for scheduling your annual inspection and performing repairs is better for you and us. Whether it is winter, spring, summer, or fall, we are doing repairs and installations all over Ocean County. Don’t leave yourself with minimal time to find out that we need to fix a complicated problem.

Routine Air Conditioner Repair Saves You Money

Your HVAC system runs more efficiently and more effectively with proper, routine care. Efficiency means lower energy bills due to improved efficacy. In other words, your system is better able to either heat or cool the air to the desired temperature with less effort. What this also does in the long run is allow your HVAC units to last longer. Increased use and decreased efficiency both lead to a shorter lifespan for both air conditioners and furnaces. Repairing HVAC systems can be expensive, but replacing them is even more so. A/C and heating units should last about 20 years. If you need to replace them at 10 years and don’t change your habits, you’ll have to buy multiple systems in your lifetime instead of just a few.

Call Toms River Heating and Air Conditioning for Convenient Ocean County Air Conditioner Repair

Ocean County air conditioner repair technician wearing a yellow hard hat kneeling by a condenser giving a thumbs upWe are available for maintenance appointments for both furnaces and air conditioners all year long. While some times of year may seem like a better time than others, attending to your air conditioner any time of year is better than not at all. Don’t wait until the last minute and be stuck waiting on availability for parts and appointments. For a more comfortable summer, call us now to schedule your Ocean County air conditioner repair.

When Ocean County Furnace Repair Isn’t Necessary

Posted on: August 31st, 2022 by admin

Ocean County furnace repairIt can be difficult to know when you need to call for Ocean County furnace repair. Some things that happen can seem disastrous, but may be perfectly normal. Other small, seemingly insignificant things may be a sign that repair is necessary. With everything that happens when a furnace gets switched on, it can be hard to know what is normal and what is a red flag. We’re here to help! Let’s discuss normal furnace functions versus warning signs that can indicate a problem. As always, if you ever have any questions about your HVAC, you can contact us.

Some Furnace Sounds are Normal and Don’t Require Ocean County Furnace Repair

Noises coming from your furnace while in use are unavoidable. There is always going to be some sort of sound coming from your HVAC. How do you know what is normal and what isn’t? Simply by paying attention. Spend a few minutes listening to your furnace when you know it is in perfect working order. The ideal time to do this is after a cleaning and inspection. Every system sounds a little different.  So, there isn’t a black and white description of what is normal for a heating system and what isn’t. Once you know what your system sounds like when it is running well, you can easily detect a change. Some normal sounds include rushing air, clicking sounds when the system turns on, the hum of electrical parts, and metal pings as the duct work expands and contracts under changing temperatures.

Abnormal sounds are usually much louder than “normal” noises and usually last longer. Screeching, whining, booming, and pounding sounds are all indicators of a problem. It is wise to have an expert investigate any out of the ordinary sounds that you detect.

What’s That Burning Smell?

Many times, the first time you turn your furnace on for the season, there is what homeowners describe as a burning smell. This smell can be totally normal. In most cases, the odor can last a few hours up to a couple days. Often, this stench is due to dust settling on parts of the furnace during the fall when most people in Ocean County are not using their HVAC systems. The number one way to avoid this is to have one of our qualified technicians perform a pre-season inspection and tune-up on your furnace before you turn it on.

When it becomes abnormal is if you notice a burning smell that continues well into the season. Electrical issues can result in a noticeable smell that is vastly different than the normal burn-off smell you notice when you first turn your furnace on. It is absolutely crucial that if you detect any electrical smells that you turn off your system and call a professional immediately.

Similar to electrical burning, the smell of burning plastic is another red flag. The odor of burning plastic is very identifiable. If this smell is ever noticed when your furnace is running, you should turn off your furnace and call us right away.

Your Energy Bill Looks Different

In most cases, if your HVAC use stays consistent, but your energy bill does not, there could be a problem. A shocking rise in your bill means your system is running longer than normal which almost always indicates an issue. If your furnace can’t seem to reach the desired temperature during a normal cycle, air flow, broken parts, or damaged ducts are all examples of possible causes. Since most of the issues that cause a furnace to become less effective are internal, contacting a professional to examine possible causes of rising bills is your best bet.

Items to Check Before Calling for Ocean County Furnace Repair

If you think your furnace has possibly been running a little longer than usual or might not be keeping your home as cool as it should, but you aren’t hearing, smelling, or seeing any other red flags, check these things before you call for Ocean County furnace repair

  • Power – Make sure power switch is set to “ON” and that your circuit board doesn’t have any tripped circuits
  • Air filter – Make sure your air filter is clean and clear of any obstructions
  • Thermostat – Ensure the batteries are working and all settings are correct
  • Pilot Light – Double check that the pilot light is bright and blue
  • Air Intake Vent – Air flow is essential for a furnace to function properly; the air intake vent (located outside) needs to be free of any blockages

If you have trouble with any of the above steps or find something wrong within your system, give TRHAC a call!



Keep Your Energy Bills Down This Summer with Air Conditioner Service in Manasquan

Posted on: July 31st, 2022 by admin

Summer is certainly here! The temperatures are high and air conditioners are set low. Another thing that is high are energy bills. A bit of a rise in your energy bill is normal with increased usage, but there are things you can do to ensure your air conditioner is running as efficiently as possible keeping your bills low. If you find yourself in need of air conditioner service in Manasquan or the surrounding area, reach out today.

Clear the Area

Keeping your house clean is important to a degree in helping your air conditioner work stress-free. What is more important is keeping the space around your outdoor condenser clear of debris. Make sure to not plant bushes or shrubs or install fencing within three feet of the unit. This ensures proper air flow into and out of the unit which means your air conditioner can run without having to exert extra energy. Less energy used, lower electric bills.

Other things to keep clean are air filters. Most air filters need to be changed every few months, or once a season. Depending on your usage and home life, you might need to check yours more or less often. Just as reduced air flow on the outside can increase strain on the machine, obstructing air flow with dirty filters on the inside does the same.

Ignore the Myths

We’ve all heard the rumors. If you keep vents and doors closed in rooms where no one spends time, you’ll save money. The truth is, the opposite is true. Each HVAC system is designed specifically for the home it is installed in. This design takes into consideration each room. Therefore, if you close off the air flow to a section of duct work, it increases the load into other areas resulting in stress on your unit. Let your air conditioner do what it is supposed to do and cool your whole home.

Another thing people assume is that if you set your thermostat to a super low temperature, your house will cool faster. This is false. An air conditioner has to work at the same level to reduce the temperature 2 degrees as it does 20 degrees. The only thing that changes is the time your air conditioner has to run. So, instead, set the temp where you want it and let your a/c do its thing.

Increase the Temperature a Few Degrees

Air conditioner service in Manasquan-ThermostatIt seems obvious, but if you like your house really cool in the summer, you are going to have higher than average energy bills. The easiest way to change that is to reduce the amount of time the a/c needs to run and the way to do that is to change your thermostat. If, for example, you usually have your air set at 70°F, try it for a few days at 71°F, then at 72°F. Even a couple degrees can have an effect on your energy usage.

The #1 Way to Keep You’re A/C Running Smooth is With Air Conditioner Service in Manasquan

Even with the best preventative care, damages can happen. Annual air conditioner service in Manasquan, Toms River, and many other towns in Ocean and Monmouth Counties can help. Have your system inspected by a pro once a year. This ensures necessary repairs are made as soon as possible. Any time you hear odd sounds, smell weird smells, or see your energy bills spiking, give Toms River Heating and Air Conditioning a call. Never wait to fix issues with your air conditioner. It will only lead to more expensive repair bills or possibly having to replace the whole system.

The Pros & Cons of Central Air Conditioning

Posted on: June 30th, 2022 by admin

The level of comfort that central air conditioning provides makes it hard to believe there can be anything negative about it. But, as with most things, if you don’t take care of your a/c, it won’t take care of you. Most of the adverse side-effects related to air conditioners is due to a lack of or improper maintenance. If it has been over a year since you scheduled a/c maintenance, you should call soon or you may be calling us for Monmouth County air conditioner repair!

Relief From Excessive Heat

Monmouth County air conditioner repair keeping cartoon character in yellow shirt coolOne of the most obvious and sought after effects of air conditioning is the relief from excessive heat. Unless you live in cold environment, the heat of the summer months can be taxing. Without access to cool air during hot days, people and animals can suffer from heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Even though air conditioning is mostly a convenience, it can also be a necessity in some situations. Unless you want to find yourself sweltering with no air conditioning this summer, contact us to perform your Monmouth County air conditioner repair.

Improve Indoor Air Quality with Monmouth County Air Conditioner Repair and Maintenance

One of the key features of your air conditioner is the air filter. We’ve discussed air filters and how to choose the right one in a previous blog entry. These filters not only protect your system from damage from unwanted particles, they also improve your indoor air quality by trapping common household irritants. The circulation of mold, mildew, dust mites, and pet dander are all reduced with the use of a properly maintained air conditioner and air filter.

Air Conditioner Neglect Can Have Negative Impacts

Poor air conditioner maintenance can have negative impacts on your health. Escaping oppressive heat in an air-conditioned building is good. Spending too much time in cooled air, however, can actually diminish your ability to tolerate heat. A couple ways to avoid this are to not set your air conditioner too low and to spend time outdoors as well.

Sick Building Syndrome Happens When Monmouth County Air Conditioner Repair is Skipped

The air we breathe isn’t always up to us. Most office building employees have no control over the air they breathe while at work. A dirty system leads to incompetent ventilation and contamination from both indoor and outdoor sources. An overall feeling of sickness, lethargy, coughing, headaches, dizziness, and nausea are just a few symptoms of SBS.

Air Conditioning Can be Drying

 Any person with an affliction related to dryness such as dry eye or a dry skin condition should avoid staying in air-conditioned air for too long. Air conditioning can dry out your indoor air which can affect multiple systems and parts of your body. Dry, itchy eyes are a common complaint of people who spend a lot of time in air-conditioned buildings that do not also use a humidifier. One way to counteract this effect is with a humidifier.

Outdated Systems can Cause Pollution Even with Regular Monmouth County Air Conditioner Repair

Older air conditioning units use things called chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs. This type of refrigerant is detrimental to the ozone layer. The U.S. Clean Air Act is aimed at stopping the use of equipment that uses this refrigerant in the 1970’s, but unfortunately, some of these old systems are still in use.

A Clean Home is Not Possible with A Dirty A/C System

While an efficient, clean a/c system can reduce allergy symptoms, a dirty, unmaintained air conditioning can make allergies worse. The ductwork along with the cooling system itself can be an ideal for microbial allergens. This is just one reason why an annual inspection by a Monmouth County air conditioner repair technician is so important. Keeping your air conditioner in tip-top shape makes it easier to keep your whole home clean.


The History of Air Conditioning Starts with Ice

Posted on: April 30th, 2022 by admin

Many of us take having access to air conditioning for granted. It would be hard to imagine what daily life would be like without it during the hottest days of summer. Luckily for us, it doesn’t get as hot as in other climates, but air conditioning also helps with the humidity that we also experience during summer. In fact, moisture in the air is the catapult to the invention of the first electrical air conditioner. Medical intervention kept the technology going until it finally found a comfortable position in the role of providing comfort. The commercial and home air conditioning industry has come a log way since then. It is continuously changing, adapting, evolving, and advancing to bring safe, efficient cool air to more people. We take pride in our air conditioner repair and service work and aim to keep homes cool in summer all over Ocean County.

Way Back When

Icicles representing the origin of air conditioner repairThe very beginning of air conditioning dates back to 1851 when Dr. John Gorrie invents an ice making machine. He actually exhibited the machine’s ability in 1848 and he then received the patent in 1851. He created his system to help fight diseases like Malaria thinking that cooling was the key. Fast forward about fifty years and you’ll find the first mentions of electrical air conditioning. In 1902, in order to help with a moisture problem in a publishing company, Willis Carrier comes up with a solution. He was an engineer at the Buffalo Forge Company and was tasked with solving an issue of wrinkly pages due to high humidity content in the air of the publishing house. He developed a system using coils and surprisingly, that is still the basis of many cooling systems.

In 1904, the shift was made where people now viewed cooled and humidity-controlled air was a comfort. The St. Louis World’s Fair used mechanical refrigeration in the Missouri State Building. “Air conditioning” itself is first mentioned in 1906 by Stuart W. Cramer in a patent he filed and is found for the first time in text in 1908.

The 1920’s Bring About the First Big Changes

It again is thanks to Carrier. In 1922, Carrier invents a centrifugal chiller. This system had fewer moving parts and shorter cycles. The result of these changes is a more reliable system that costs less to run. A few years later, engineers and chemists from General Motors manufacture chlorofluorocarbon refrigerants. Thomas Midgley, Albert Henne, Robert McNary changed air conditioning made air conditioner use safer in the respect that CFCs are non-flammable. Much later, of course, we know these chemicals are not good for the environment. To round out the 1920’s, in 1929, air conditioners were brought into homes via room coolers by Frigidaire.

Decades Bring About Progress

Homes in the mid- to late-1940’s were able to purchase affordable, low-cost window air conditioners thanks to engineer Henry Galson. According to, “By 1947, 43,000 of these types of units are sold in the United States.” A few decades later, another big advancement is made in air conditioning with the invention of Heat Pump Design Model by Oak Ridge National Laboratory. As with the centrifugal chiller, the heat pump system is more efficient and therefore, more affordable. In 1990, CFCs, which were first introduced were viewed as a safety element, are seen as detrimental and are phased out of use in air conditioning as a result of the Clean Air Act.

Air Conditioner Repair and Systems are Still Evolving

Air conditioner repair picture of 3 Lennox brand condensersMany agencies and foundations are setting new standards for industries like air conditioning. Toxic emissions have unfortunately been linked with air conditioning throughout it’s history. Limiting carbon dioxide emissions has driven the industry towards new inventions like non-vapor technologies that do not need to use refrigerants which avoids a lot of issues. No matter where the industry goes or what new systems are invented, you can count on us to stay up-to-date and always provide the best air conditioner repair service. Contact us today for any heating, cooling, or plumbing needs!