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Furnace Repair in Ocean County Checklist

Posted on: October 31st, 2022 by admin

Furnace maintenance is one home owner task that gets largely overlooked. It is commonplace to not think about your furnace all year and then just expect to turn it on and it will run efficiently when we need it. While this may be fine for a few years, it can be an expensive gamble. Don’t cross your fingers and hope your house warms up when you switch your thermostat from cool to heat. Rather, schedule an annual inspection with us and avoid needing to call us for furnace repair in Ocean County.  Having one of our experienced technicians examine your system every year can help prevent costly damages and repairs. Plus, it will help your heater run more efficiently saving you money on your energy bill every month.

What’s Included in an Annual Inspection?

A furnace inspection should be fairly involved. It should include a visual review of interior parts and exterior parts, general maintenance steps, and minor repairs. Let’s take a closer look at some of the individual steps included in an annual furnace inspection in Ocean County.

Red volt meter owned by furnace repair in Ocean County technician

Electrical Check

A very important piece of every furnace inspection is a full electrical check. All connections should be tightened and any damaged wires need to be replaced. Faulty wiring is a top cause of furnace problems and therefore one of the number one reasons clients call us for furnace repair in Ocean County. This step should also include a voltage and current check.

Keep Moving Parts Moving

An essential part of a working furnace is the fan. The fan can only function if the motor runs well. A crucial part of the motor is the bearings. Every year a technician should lubricate all moving parts within the furnace including the motor bearings, the blower, and the fan.

Cleaning is an Important Part of Furnace Repair in Ocean County

The number one thing that needs to be cleaned is the air filter. Every three months homeowners need to either clean or replace the air filter in the furnace. Checking this air filter is something every technician does during an inspection. In addition to cleaning the filter, both interior and exterior parts of a furnace are to be cleaned. Build up of dirt and debris on and within a furnace can greatly reduce the ability of a furnace to do its job. Other items that should be cleaned are all registers, vents, and ductwork as needed.

Just as a dirty air filter reduces air flow, blocked vents do the same. In addition, keeping your registers clean makes it more obvious if there is a problem. Dirty registers can hide red flags. For example,  if you start to see mold growth around your vents, you should call for furnace repair in Ocean County as this could be a sign that there is a problem.

Furnace Repair in Ocean County Technician checking thermostat

Checking the Thermostat

Although this seems like a minor step, it is an important step in furnace maintenance. During an annual inspection, thermostats should be calibrated. This ensures the furnace is working as efficiently as possible. Generally making sure the thermostat is working properly is a basic step in furnace maintenance.

Inspect for Issues Inside and Out

In order to avoid damages, another essential step is to inspect the system for potential issues. Loose belts, cracked heat exchangers, and leaking lines can all cause extensive system failure if not addressed in time. Just as checking the thermostat is important, making sure your carbon monoxide detector is absolutely vital. All homes need working smoke detectors as well as carbon monoxide detectors. The batteries of both should be changed every few months. You can add this to your reminder to check your air filter.

Cal Toms River Heating and Air Conditioning for Your Furnace Repair in Ocean County

We service all of Ocean County so if you need furnace repair, give us a call today. Better yet, give us a call BEFORE you need furnace repair in Ocean County and schedule your annual inspection now before you need to turn your heat on.