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Heating service in Toms River is One Way to Heat a Home

Posted on: January 31st, 2022 by admin

While a home HVAC system is most common, it is not the only way to heat your home. With that being said, most alternate heat sources are meant to be supplemental or to be kept on hand in case of emergency. Aside from a professionally installed furnace, many other heat sources only provide warmth to a select area. This makes them not great options for most homes as a primary heating source. However, when your furnace breaks in the dead of winter, having another way to keep your family warm is essential. A great way to avoid needing emergency heating solutions is to give us a call today to provide your home with expert heating service in Toms River.

Heat Your Home from the Ground Up

There are two notable ways to heat your home from the ground up. One is radiant heat flooring and the other is a geothermal heat pump. Radiant flooring is widely accessible and is a service that we offer as well. Geothermal pumps, also known as ground-source heat pumps or earth-coupled heat pumps, are less used.

radiant heat flooring in toms riverIf you are interested in learning more about installing radiant heat flooring in Toms River, contact us today. This type of heat uses either a water-based system or an electric one. The system is installed under your flooring most commonly, but there are also versions that can be installed in walls and ceilings. However, under the flooring is the most effective. It works by using the natural convection of heat (hot air rises) to circulate the heat. The floors can be set to temperatures over 100°F but are typically set to around 80°.

Geothermal heat pumps are something many people probably have never heard of. Even when air temperatures are below freezing, ground temperatures just a few feet below the surface may only get as cold as 45°F. Just as caves can be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, heat pumps take advantage of this and exchange the air with the earth to warm or cool a home. Visit The Department of Energy to learn more about this alternate heating system.

Solar Heating Can Mean a Few Different Things

Many people will think of solar panels when someone says solar heating. This is definitely one definition of it. Another, is using the actual power of the sun with well-placed landscaping and windows to help add warmth to your home. The first definition is also known as active solar power and the latter, passive solar space heating.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, “Active solar heating systems have collectors for heating a fluid (air or a liquid) and fans or pumps to move the fluid through the collectors, where it is heated, to the interior of a building or to a heat storage system, where the heat is released, and back to the collector to be reheated.” Solar energy can be used for different zones in your home individually like using it only for hot water, or can be used to help heat your entire home. Installation is costly, but often pays for itself in less than a decade. After this time, owners enjoy free energy for the lifetime of the panels.

Passive solar heating is simply being smart about where you plant trees in your yard, where windows are located on your home and even installing skylights to allow as much sunlight into your home as possible. Sunlight beating through windows can add a considerable amount of warmth to a home when it is not diffused through a canopy of trees or blocked by window coverings.

Fireplaces and Wood or Pellet Stoves Are Effective

Fireplaces and wood burning stoves are very effective at heating rooms. It can be difficult to effectively spread that warmth throughout the home. Plus, it can only be used while someone is home. Most homes use this type of heat as supplemental and a way to decrease energy bills in the winter when possible. For smaller abodes, like winter hunting cabins, pellet stoves may be the only source of heat and in that case, can be extremely efficient and effective.

Heating Service in Toms River Keeps Homes Cozy

heating service in Toms River keeps you cozy in gray winter socks and green mug of warm liquidNo matter what type of heating source you choose, proper maintenance is crucial. Fireplaces and stoves require annual chimney cleaning to remove dangerous creosote to reduce the risk of chimney fires. Even solar panels need regular cleaning and inspecting in order to keep them effective. For a majority of homes in Ocean County, an HVAC system is the preferred method for heating a house. With that, heating service in Toms River is essential to keep your system running smooth. Cleaning, inspecting, and repairing parts and systems is important to avoid major damages and loss of heat. Contact us today to provide you with heating service in Toms River to ensure a warm winter!