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Limit Energy Costs This Winter with Ocean County Heating Repair

Posted on: December 31st, 2023 by admin

We’re here to help keep your home cozy and your energy bills low this winter. As the chilly season approaches, many of us in Ocean County face the familiar challenge of maintaining a comfortable home without skyrocketing our heating costs. Thankfully, there is more to saving energy than just turning your heat down. With a few smart strategies, you can achieve a warm home without sacrificing your bank account. This month, we’ll delve into some tips on how to do just that. In addition to advice on how to use your thermostat more efficiently and scheduling regular Ocean County heating repair, there are many other ways to keep both your house and financial status in check.   

How to Use Your Thermostat to Control Your Energy Bill

Homeowner setting smart thermostat to increase energy efficiency

If you don’t already have one, installing a programmable or smart thermostat is the first step in taking control of your energy bill. These devices allow you to set temperature schedules according to your daily routine. For instance, you can program the thermostat to lower the heat when you’re not home and to adjust to a comfortable temperature by the time you return. This reduces energy usage. Furthermore, they allow you to lower your thermostat setting when you’re away for extended periods. In winter, setting it to about 55°F can prevent freezing while simultaneously saving energy.

Secondly, set your thermostat to appropriate temperatures in order to limit unnecessary output. The most energy-efficient temperature setting when you’re at home is typically around 68°F in winter. Programming your thermostat to energy-saving settings also limits frequent adjustments. Continual manual changes can lead to higher energy use. Trust your programmable settings to do their job. It’s important to periodically check if your settings are suitable for current weather conditions and your routine. Then you can make adjustments as needed.

Lastly, ensure your HVAC system is maintained regularly by a professional Ocean County heating repair expert. This includes changing filters regularly and having a professional service check-up at least once a year prior to turning your system on each winter.

Home Tips to Limit Energy Output

In addition to using your thermostat in a smart way, there are many things you can do in your home to limit your energy usage while maintaining a comfortable temperature.

First and foremost, it is crucial to ensure that your home is well-insulated and that all windows, doors, and any other openings are properly sealed. This helps to prevent heat loss, keeping your home warmer without overworking your heating system.

Most homeowners don’t consider using curtains for something other than privacy. However, having your curtains open on south-facing windows during the day allows sunlight to naturally heat your home. Closing them at night provides additional insulation to keep the heat in.

Although it seems counterintuitive, using ceiling fans can help circulate warm air. If your ceiling fan has a reverse setting, use it at a low speed to help circulate warm air that rises to the ceiling. This is especially useful in rooms with high ceilings. It can also be impactful in rooms with a fireplace or wood burning stove.

A few other tips are to wear warmer clothing, use a humidifier, and invest in a new system when necessary. Bundling up in sweatshirts and blankets can help you feel comfortable even when the thermostat is set lower. Moist air feels warmer than dry air therefore using a humidifier can make your home feel more comfortable. Lastly, if your heating system is old and inefficient, installing a new, more energy-efficient one can lead to significant savings.

Ocean County Heating Repair and Maintenance Matters

Remember, every home is different, and what works best for your situation might vary. These tips offer a general guideline, but it’s important to consider the specifics of your living space and lifestyle. Every degree you lower your heat in the 60-degree to 70-degree range can save up to 5% on heating costs. Therefore, setting your thermostat appropriately is the first step in lowering your energy bills. Perhaps the second most important thing homeowners can do to ensure efficient use of their HVAC system is to have routine maintenance performed by a professional. If you are in need of Ocean County heating repair and maintenance services, contact Toms River Heating and Air Conditioning today!


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